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Welcome to the Excel Wiki 🙂

This project has been officially launched on September 1st, 2013. The technical platform is ready and now it’s time to complete the existing articles or add new content. At this time, the Excel Wiki provides a basic version of the articles for each Excel function, which will be completed step by step. The Excel functions can be found in the functions category. Its subcategories are corresponding to the categories for the newest Excel version.

Excel Wiki

While developing the platform, it was important for us, that all articles in this wiki follow a uniform layout. For example, each article for an Excel function begins with a description, followed by the availability, the syntax and samples. You will also find a section providing a translation into german and french for the Excel function. More translations can be found at the Excel Formula Translator.

Another feature of wiki is that all sample files are stored on a SkyDrive account. Each article embeds the corresponding sample file and provides the editing features, so that you can play with the file in your browser. And, of course, you can download each file.

The wiki is also integrated in our german Office 365 & Office 2013 Forum. From a technical view, this means that the forum users do not need to leave the forum for viewing the wiki articles.

We are searching for authors, who would like to support us by providing high quality content. Currently, the wiki software does not allow automated registration yet, so that we ask to send us an e-mail to wiki(at)maninweb(punkt)de, if you are interested. We are pleased about every support.