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Welcome to the Excel Wiki

Microsoft Excel is one of the world’s most used software for spreadsheets. In addition to the features provided by the interface, the software allows complex calculations and reporting by using the over 450 built in functions. And, Microsoft Excel can be easily extended by using the programming interface and VBA.

The Excel-Wiki-Project

The goal of this project is to provide high quality information about Excel itself, the Excel functions and the programming features. The articles, tutorials, tips and tricks are, of course, accessible by anyone free of charge.

Excel Wiki

The Excel wiki is a very young project. The first official release was the german version August 2013, followed by the english and french version in September 2013. The project is currently in its second phase. The roadmap for this project is listed in the table below.

Phase Period Actions
1 2013 Implementation of the technical platform for the Excel Wiki and integration to the german Office 365 Forum. This phase is completed.
2 2014 Creation of a basic database of articles. A first step is to complete all articles for the Excel functions, including tutorials and sample files.
3 Continuous expansion of the content to other topics, such as how to use Excel features or how to create Excel formulas by using functions. Addition of new content about programming with VBA and/or JavaScript.
4 Activation of the moderated in-line editing features of this platform, which is intended to allow any registered user to improve content, contribute articles or help to maintain the system.


We are looking for authors who want to support us in creating high quality articles. Currently, the wiki software does not allow automated registration yet, so that we ask to send us an e-mail to wiki(at)maninweb(dot)de, if you are interested. We are pleased about every support.